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For the last six years I have been a volunteer for an non-profit organization called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. The organization has 10,000 volunteers in 40 countries. Photographers volunteer to go to hospitals to do a photography session for families losing a baby. There is no charge for the session and the families receive a (free) set of pictures as well as disc of edited images. I started working with them after I heard a photographer named Sandy Puc speak at a photography conference. The story of how she started the organization is heartbreaking and inspiring and she had several hundred photographers in tears after she spoke. I found a You Tube video of her telling that story. The whole video is 29 minutes, but her telling the story about how it started is shorter than that and begins at 3:04.

This past May a new online magazine called STILL STANDING was launched for families dealing with loss and infertility. They did an article about Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep and interviewed Sandy. Several of the pictures they used were ones that I took for a family. Here is the link to the article, which also tells the story of how it started. STILL STANDING ARTICLE

When I volunteered for NILMDTS, I never dreamed I’d ever be taking pictures for close friends…it’s happened twice. I’ve had people ask me how I can do such a difficult session and keep it together. I will readily admit that it is very, very hard. However, I know that the pictures I take for the families losing a child will be the only ones they will EVER have. That keeps me focused on getting the best possible images of the sweet babies. How can I NOT use the gifts God has given me to bless those going through such a devastating time in their lives. Katie Rowe is a mom I did a session for in Fayetteville three years ago and she is now a dear friend. She wrote an article for Peekaboo magazine about her daughter and included information about NILMDTS. KATIE’S ARTICLE

I’ve written about NILMDTS on my blog a little bit before, but I’m writing about it again and giving much more information than I ever have before because a month from today there is going to be a walk/run 5k called “A Race To Remember.” All of the profit from the event will go to Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. A mother (Brandi) who lost her little boy this past year decided to organize the event and it will be held at the Lake Bella Vista Trail in Bentonville. There will be lots of giveaways and participants will receive a free t-shirt. I love what this organization does for families and would love for the 5k to have a huge turnout.

To register or make a donation, you can click on this link: RACE TO REMEMBER REGISTRATION

This is the link to the Facebook page that was created for it: RACE TO REMEMBER FACEBOOK PAGE

If you don’t want to do the run/walk, we are also in need of volunteers. You can email Brandi at for more information.

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