Build Over Agreement Form

You can apply for your construction contract online. You can also send us a paper or PDF application by email or mail. These requests should be sent to us by the following addresses: they will also tell us if they find that the sewers/sewers concerned are in poor condition or that the soil conditions are not satisfactory. In this case, we will visit one of our own inspectors on the site to see what needs to happen next. Building above or near a sewer pipe could damage the pipe itself or your home. This can lead to higher costs for our customers and serious disruption. Therefore, if there are pipelines on your property, you should consider the position, size and design of your work before you start and contact us before work begins. If you want to build one of our public sewers or transverse sewers (i.e. usually within 3 meters), you need our permission, even if it is on your property. We must ensure that all of our pipes are protected from any damage that development can cause so that they can continue to provide the service for which they were designed. It is also very important that we have access to our pipes for maintenance and repair. Their construction work may require a building permit or a building permit from the municipality.

Some works are covered by the development rights authorized by the owners or may not require a building permit (things like winter gardens, car ports and vets sometimes fall into this category). FAO The Sewer Build Over Team, Developer Services, Wessex Water, Claverton Down, Bath, BA2 7WW Any inspector who has verified a website on our behalf (by a local authority or an independent company) will inform us of developments that do not exceed the permitted licensing limits, i.e. that the building or extension is of a certain length or if the pipelines are particularly large or deep. If you are eligible for a self-certified agreement, simply complete the online questionnaire and start your work immediately (provided your work conforms to the description you gave in the online questionnaire).

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