Cen Workshop Agreement (Cwa)

1.8 The Chair decides when an agreement will be reached between the CS participants on the final text of the CWA. The European Standards Committee (CEN) has published a workshop agreement paper on facial references. The CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) – CWA 17553 Community Face Coverings – Guide to Minimum Requirements, Methods of Testing and Use – has been made open access to interested parties and a link to the document is available below:ftp.ftp.cencenelec.eu/EN/ResearchInnovation/CWA17553_2020.pdf 1.6 The workshop will be officially launched at the launch meeting, subject to sufficient support for the workshop`s project plan. If no agreement is reached, the organization of a new meeting with the candidates will be discussed. 1.2 With the help of the CEN-CENELEC member or the CEN-CENELEC GESTION CENTRE (CCMC), the candidate prepares a CWA: 1.7 SS participants design the CWA (s) according to the specifications set out in the project plan. The CWA project is made available to CEN/SS participants. To ensure transparency, SS documents should be downloaded to an electronic platform. If the CWA is in the same area as an existing CEN/CENELEC technical body, the CWA project is sent for notice to that technical body, along with the workshop participants. If the project plan provides for this and, in all cases, when the CWA project covers the safety aspects, an open comment phase (at least 60 days) is open. This document is intended for manufacturers of simple fabric masks intended for widespread use by the public. In many European countries, mouth and nose coatings are currently mandatory due to coronavirus, for example in shops and public transport.

The guidelines were developed to provide guidelines on minimum requirements for the design, manufacture and performance evaluation of community surface coatings (barrier masks) for consumers. There are requirements for important parameters such as design, filtration efficiency and breathability, and tests are recommended to evaluate the performance contained in the document. It also contains details on washing conditions, markings and instructions for use. 1.10 A CWA is valid for three years, after which the former workshop secretariat consults with former workshop participants and relevant CEN/CENELEC technical bodies to determine whether the CWA should be: contrary to a standard, a CWA is established in a worCWAkshop convened for this purpose. This group, made up of individuals and organizations, develops a document that does not necessarily reflect the views of all parties involved.

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