Little Miss Ainsley is an adorable, talkative, smart and fun three year old. She was so much fun to talk to AND photograph. During part of our session I joked about falling into the water and the big smile immediately disappeared from her face and she said “Please don’t fall into the water.” After seeing her concern, I tried to reassure her that I wouldn’t. When I took a step back as I was about to take a pictures she said “Stay on the grass.” (My foot was on the rock edge next to the water.) She was obviously quite concerned about me falling in! A day or so after the session, her mom sent me a message telling me she’d figured out why Ainsley was so concerned. She found out that said Ainsley had learned about Jonah in Sunday school and was afraid that if I fell in the water I’d be swallowed by a big fish!! 🙂

She turned three on the day of our photo session!

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