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NWA Mom Prom 2013

The Mom Prom photos are here! We have made these available for free download. There are five galleries of images: “Red Carpet”, “Details”, “Candids”, “Dance Floor” and “Photo Booth”. Be sure to view all five galleries or you may miss some images. Also, there are several pages of thumbnails in each gallery.

To download images:

  • For PC or Mac: Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version on the right. When moving the mouse over this image, a folder icon will appear. Click on the folder icon with the green arrow to download. Do not right-click on the image to download as this will not give you the full resolution image.
  • For iPad: Tap on the image you are viewing on the right to bring up the folder icon with the green arrow. Tap this folder icon to download the high resolution image. Do not tap and hold on the image to save as this will give you a lower resolution image.
  • For Windows tablets and some other tablets: You may need to do a very slight variation to download the full resolution image. To view the folder icon to download the image, put your finger on the larger image on the right and wiggle your finger slightly before lifting it from the screen. Then, tap on the folder with the green arrow. If you try to save without clicking on the folder icon with the green arrow, you may not be getting the high resolution image.

Enjoy. Here’s the link:

Mom Prom Collage


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