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Oh how I LOVE my boys!! I have a lot of new blog readers, so some of you may not know just how long it took for us to have our children. It took me 7 1/2 years to get pregnant and we finally had our first miracle baby in May of 2009. A VERY short time later, I got pregnant again and had our second miracle in April 2010. Our sweet boys are 11 months apart and will soon both be “one year old” for 3 weeks before Josiah turns 2. I have a favorite picture of me with each of my boys individually that I love, but have NEVER until this past weekend gotten one of me and both of my boys that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. With their ages, it’s just so hard to get both of them happy and/or not too wiggly at the same time. This was a very fast try as we were leaving the zoo for my husband to attempt it again. When we got in the car and I started looking through the images he’d taken, this one immediately made me cry. (It made him tear up too when I showed it to him.) We waited such a long for these children and God has blessed us abundantly!! They were SO worth the wait and I’m beyond thrilled to FINALLY have one like this….

Hi, I'm Lisa!

I'm a portrait photographer based in Northwest Arkansas. My studio is located just minutes from downtown Bentonville.

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Silhouette sessions are a unique and fun way to capture your family and create a beautiful piece of art for your home.



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