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I’m behind on blogging and am going to attempt to catch up over the next few days. I am excited to share pictures of the new OB/GYN clinic I helped decorate. It’s been in the works for many months and was completed last week. The due date for Baby Mac #2’s arrival is two weeks from tomorrow!

The day of this session (about 3 weeks ago) was quite a stressful one. We’ve known this family since we lived in Fort Smith and I even took their parents’ engagement pictures. They live four hours away in Oklahoma and drove over on a Thursday evening to spend the night with family and then come for a session at 10:30 the next morning. Around 9:15 on Friday, there was a knock on my door from the builder constructing a house next door. Apparently when they were digging the trench for the cable, electricity, water and gas, they hit ALL of our lines. (I won’t go into why they hit them, but let’s just say it is extremely frustrating and we are out a chunk of money because of it.) We’d planned on doing a studio session with the girls, but that was now impossible without electricity. Soooo…I had to call a family who had driven a long way to tell them I wasn’t sure we could even do a session that day. Thankfully they were gracious and understanding and I told them I’d keep them updated and let them know if the electricity came back on. After we hung up, I set out to see if I could find a pretty place outside to do their session, but three weeks ago there just weren’t many pretty areas to be found. Thankfully by mid-afternoon they’d repaired the lines they’d cut (although there is still a huge mess to fix and landscaping to be re-planted) and the girls were able to come for a session after their nap time. Although we all would have preferred to have a morning session (happier kids and a less worn out, 8 months pregnant photographer), I was thankful we were even able to have the session.

Dancing and hugs…

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