Remember these precious cuties?? They are a little over 6 months old now. They both fell asleep in the middle of the session and we decided to try and lay them in the basket I had used at their newborn session to get a matching sleeping image to the one on the left. We got them settled (both still asleep) and as soon as I started to take the first picture, brother woke up. He started squirming some, so sister woke up too. It wasn’t the shot we’d planned, but I love how it turned out. Thankfully they both woke up happy after their 10-15 minute power nap!

This was one of my favorite outtakes…both looking totally opposite ways.

The little sweater that sister is wearing was made by her great-grandmother. Their daddy is a twin and apparently she thought their dad and his brother were going to be girls! Isn’t it sweet?

And one with their sweet mommma…

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